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I am a Senior Digital Compositor based in Sydney with more than 15 years of experience in visual effects compositing. I specialize in creating stunning imagery by leveraging my in-depth knowledge of light, shadow, and colour theory. I am a quick learner and work exceptionally well in diverse teams, making me well-suited to adapt to multicultural environments. My extensive experience includes working with major VFX houses across the globe, where I have contributed significantly to some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters as a digital compositor, Compositing TD, and Sequence lead.


I possess advanced skills in customizing Nuke and developing tailor-made gizmos and Python scripts. These abilities allow me to tackle both technical and artistic challenges effortlessly. My approach to problem-solving and development is highly technical, which ensures that I consistently deliver high-quality work.


I absolutely love spending time with my family when I'm not glued to the computer. In fact, I'm quite an adventurer and photographer - I enjoy nothing more than discovering new and exciting places worldwide.

Compositing Demo reel 2023

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